Meet the Founder

Joslin Wang's personal journey beautifully intertwines with the values she instills in Wink Bar, creating a profound and authentic connection between her life story and the service she provides. Her passion for lash artistry, born from a quest for patience, serves as a testament to the importance of patience in life's pursuits. This dedication extended to the formulation of an exceptional eyelash glue, renowned for its gentle, long-lasting, and natural-looking qualities,reflecting her unwavering commitment to perfection.
Her choice of Korean PBT lashes, soft and customizable, revealed a commitment to personalization and individuality, resulting in a lightweight and natural appearance that set her apart from others in the industry. Joslin's profound belief in celebrating uniqueness and self-expression through beauty and wellness has not only propelled hersuccess but also left an enduring legacy in the beauty industry.

Brand Story

Wink Bar, is a trailblazing wellness and beauty company, that has redefined the lash industry by placing individuality and self-acceptance at the heart of its mission.
Wink Bar is a pioneering beauty and wellness brand,
reshaping the lash industry through a profound celebration of creativity and individuality. Focused on the art of lash design and facial symmetry based on eye colors, Wink Bar's mission is rooted in the belief that embracing one's unique features is the true essence of beauty. With a dedication to hospitality, inclusivity, and diversity, Wink
Bar provides a warm and empowering experience for
every client, ensuring they feel valued and cherished on their personal beauty journey.